Instead of the usual American BBQ ribs, why not try the best Ibérico Lamb ribs in KL that is exclusively available at Werner’s Group of Restaurant in Malaysia?

At the mention of ribs, we would naturally associate it with the classic American barbecue ribs. While it is extremely delicious and satisfying, a pleasant change is always welcome to the palate.

The best Ibérico Lamb Ribs in KL comes from a lamb breed that has been native to the region of Aragón, Spain for over a thousand years. The animal leads a stress-free life at the foot of the Pryreness and feeds on natural diet consists of mother’s milk, corn and high oleic sunflower seeds.

The meat is called Ibérico as it has the same qualities and characteristics as the well-known Ibérico Pork. The natural diet ensures a fully flavoured meat that melts in your mouth. Its high oleic acid content also makes it one of the healthiest meat on the market.

The juicy Ibérico lamb ribs served with tangy salad and tomato salsa is a signature in the “Barbacoa” inspired Contemporary Latino menu. Due to the unique Spanish lamb breed, the usual gamey flavours of lamb is non-existent, in its place it’s a highly aromatic meat that is greatly enhanced with the accompanied lamb jus.

So get ready to indulge in this unique and mouth-watering meat, at The Rum Bar KL!