The Rum Bar KL is one of those bars with mystery; you’ll walk past and try to get a rough idea of what’s inside, but you’ll definitely have to step in to see, feel, and taste what all the fuss is about. Stocking around 300 different rums from all over the world, if you are thinking of where to drink in KL, this is one of the best place to drink in KL.

All the rum cocktails honestly tastes like holiday in a glass, so just sip and close your eyes, and pretend you’re overseas on a beach, enjoying the summer. During our visit, our favourite without a doubt was the Jungle Bird, a classic Malaysian tropical rum cocktail. We simply sit back, enjoyed delicious tapas, sipped on the smoothest rum ever, and the rest is history.

The Rum Bar KL only offers the highest quality everything from food to cocktails to spirits. With such an elegant set up for a restaurant and bar in KL, this is the best place to drink in KL, with mouthwatering rum cocktails for all rum lovers. The quality and service is absolutely amazing, with friendly staff and knowledgeable about rum. This bar is highly recommended, must consider it when you are deciding where to drink in KL.