Cocktails for the Diplomats

New Limited Edition Cocktails for all the Diplomats ­čôĚ (from left to right) Pass-Me-That (RM45) Diplom├ítico Planas – Le Contesse Prosecco Extra Dry – Lemon Juice – Simple Syrup Rum Old Fashioned (RM48) Diplom├ítico Reserva Exclusiva – Angostura Bitter – Maple Syrup Quencher (RM40) Diplom├ítico Mantuano – Coconut Water – Pandan Syrup

Humble Nobleman

Introducing something new to all the Diplomats out there! This new Diplomático rum flight with cocktails sampler is only available for a limited time only! Featuring: Diplomático Mantuano with Quencher Diplomático Planas with Pass-Me-That Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva with Rum Old Fashion