Home to the Largest Rum Selection in Malaysia

//Home to the Largest Rum Selection in Malaysia

Home to the Largest Rum Selection in Malaysia

When it comes to the success of reputable premium spirits (think Single Malt Whisky, Infused Gins, Triple Filtered Vodkas, etc.), Rum has been the “crouching tiger, hidden dragon”. Until recently.

The (ultra)-premium rum category has started to take off and it is happening rapidly around the globe right now. In other words, there is so much more to Rum than ‘Mojitos’ and ‘Rum & Coke’. Bars around the world are bringing this wonderful sugarcane distill to new glory.

The Rum Bar KL introduces over 200 selections in the context of “contemporary bar culture”.

Think “Craft Cocktails”, “Rum Flights”, “Artisan Cuba Libre”, “Rum & Cigar Pairings”, “Rum & Food Pairings”.

Building on our credibility of being a purveyor of quality food and drinks; The Rum Bar aims at attracting foodies, speak-easy hunters and cocktail bar enthusiasts alike.

You won’t be disappointed with the culinary programme, as Chef Proprietor Werner Kuhn incorporates World Cuisine with ingredients from Borneo to give that extra flavour and personality to each recipe.

So, come on over and experience world cultures with us through one of the world’s finest spirits. And always remember, drinking rum in the day makes you a pirate, NOT an alcoholic!