Ibérico Lamb has arrived in Malaysia!

//Ibérico Lamb has arrived in Malaysia!

Ibérico Lamb has arrived in Malaysia!

A decade ago, Werner Kuhn introduced Malaysians to the wonders of Ibérico Pork. Now, he is proud to introduce Malaysians to another exclusive meat – the Ibérico Lamb. The Ibérico Lamb is now available at The Rum Bar KL, the first and only restaurant in Malaysia to serve this luxurious meat.

Ibérico Lamb comes from a lamb breed that has been native to the region of Aragón, Spain for over a thousand years. The animal leads a stress-free life at the foot of the Pryreness and feeds on natural diet consists of mother’s milk, corn and high oleic sunflower seeds.

The meat is called Ibérico as it has the same qualities and characteristics as the well-known Ibérico Pork. The natural diet ensures a highly aromatic and fully flavoured meat that melts in your mouth. Its high oleic acid content also makes it one of the healthiest meat on the market.

The Rum Bar KL is serving three different cuts of Ibérico Lamb, namely the ribs, magret (boneless loin) and tournedos. The meat will be lightly seasoned to enhance the flavour and only limited quantities are made available. Those interested are encouraged to head over to The Rum Bar KL right away and experience this life-changing gastronomic affair.

Experience the explosion of flavours with Ibérico Lamb today!