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//Best Place to Drink in KL
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If you’ve been looking for the best place to drink in KL, The Rum Bar KL is totally a spot on answer. Officially opened its doors in July 2017, the marriage of rustic and modern design gives the whole bar a relaxed ambiance as soon as as we step in to the bar. Just as the friendly service personnel led us to our seats, we were then served with the menu. Living up to its name, The Rum Bar KL does offer the largest rum selection in the city, if not in the country! With over 250 labels offered in the menu I was really impressed with the choice, in addition to the cocktails that they out of them. I would say that my favourite is the


Speaking about cocktail rum, often times we have been “brainwashed” with rum and coke. When you step into the rum specialty place, I felt like it was a sin to order something that is so conventional and widely available. The service personnel adviced us to taste the rum on rocks and it tasted so intensely good! Heightened sense of pleasure was the feeling I got when I sipped the spirits that were served on the rum flights. Well, to be fair, they do have coke in the outlet. Not just the regular colas, but one that’s called Fever-Tree, the premium Madagascan cola. If rum is not your cup of tea, they have ginger ale to go with the rums as well, which my friends and I find it just as nice.


Since my friends often ask me where to drink in KL. I guess I can confidently say that The Rum Bar KL is THE place to go!