Where to Drink and Dining In KL

//Where to Drink and Dining In KL
Where to Drink and Dining In KL 2017-11-29T11:55:54+00:00

With a plethora of restaurants and bars available, it’s a constant question among our friends on where to drink in KL. My colleagues and I always love to try out new places to unwind after a long day. Knowing that Changkat Bukit Bintang is the home to a vibrant nightlife, we took the MRT got down at the Bukit Bintang station. We chanced upon The Rum Bar KL, which is located just about 5 minutes walk from the exit (more precisely through exit A). Dining in KL shouldn’t be a challenge, but looking for a place that offers the comfort, pleasant service and choice of food would probably be. The vibe that we got when we passed by this new establishment was really inviting.


The question that we had earlier on where to drink in KL was answered as we immediately decided that this is the place enjoy our evening. We were thankful that we stumbled upon this place and decided to give it try. True enough, it didn’t disappoint at all, from the start till the end! We knew from the moment we were seated, this is the best place to drink in KL as we spent our evening with delicious dinner and nice cocktails!


With over 250 labels of rums in the bar, we were clueless on what to order. Thankfully, the service staff was so knowledgeable in explaining and recommending the one that suits our palate.


If you are looking for the best place to drink in KL, The Rum Bar KL is the place to go. Dining in KL should definitely be the to-do list for any locals and tourists alike!

Try it and you surely won’t regret patronising The Rum Bar KL!